• All tours, activities and events are weather permitting.
  • Please note Paradise Touring cancellation and refund policy does not apply to our suppliers and you could be bound by their cancellation policy.
  • Pick ups for scheduled tours are based on city centre accommodation. There will be a surcharge for pick ups outside of the city.
  • Unless otherwise specified, meals, activities and extra’s are for pax own account
  • Most tours are suitable for private, scheduled or groups.

Please call for further information




Paradise Touring and its employees will not be held responsible for any illnesses, injuries, accidents, loss of life or belongings, or delays due to any cause sustained or suffered while on tour or while staying at any of the accommodation booked by Paradise Touring or their agent.
Paradise Touring reserves the right to alter accommodation, mode of transport and itinerary without prior notice when circumstances happen outside of our control. The client hereby waives their right to all and any claims in this regard.
All costs related to the driver/guide are to be covered by the client, such as accommodation, meals and toll fee’s


Tours & Transfers
7 days prior to departure: 0% of total value of reservation.
3 days prior to departure: 50% of total value of reservation.
24 hours prior: Total value of reservation.

Overland Tours
7 days prior to departure: 0% of total value of reservation.
Within 6 days prior to departure: Total value of reservation

The cancellation policy above applies to Paradise Touring only,
in the event one of our suppliers has a different cancellation policy, we may be bound by their rules.

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